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Do Some Plumbing is here to assist in all your plumbing needs. From maintenance to complete renovations.


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Plumbers cedar creek

Plumbers in cedar creek

Do Some Plumbing is your local Logan plumbing contractor specialising in domestic, commercial, industrial and rural installations and maintenance. We provide quality workmanship, excellent communication and competitive pricing, our services include blocked drains, burst pipes, hot water services and many other plumbing services.

Emergency Plumber cedar creek

LOCAL PLUMBER cedar creek

We understand that sometimes things can go wrong unexpectedly and you might need to call upon an emergency plumber in cedar creek. Thankfully, at Do Some Plumbing, our team of skilled plumbing experts are available for any emergency plumbing service or a regular plumbing repair across cedar creek. This means that no matter what time or day of the year you need our help, we are here to make sure everything is in order on your property. We are always improving our emergency plumbing service so that you not only get the fastest turnaround times, but also the smoothest experience possible.


There are certain situations in which you would need to get in touch with cedar creek emergency plumbers. In many cases, plumbing issues can be addressed according to normal wait times, saving you the emergency plumber cost. However, if you have any of the following issues, you may need our emergency plumber service:

  • Gas leak: It is of the utmost importance that gas leaks are addressed immediately. If you suspect a gas leak, based on the smell or other symptoms (which you can learn about in detail in the Gas section of our website), please immediately turn off your property’s gas valve and open up doors and windows in your house in order to let out any gas and bring in plenty of fresh air. In this scenario, we recommend that you contact us immediately so that we can ensure your house is secured and any gas leaks are detected and repaired.
  • Water leak: If you believe that there is a hidden water leak somewhere in your property that may be causing damage, please switch off your property’s main water valve immediately. Water leaks tend to be gradual, so while they may begin as a small leak, they can quickly turn into something much bigger, causing damage to the plaster and other areas. A leak can also waste water and contribute to unusually high water bills. If you believe you have a water leak, contact us now so we can detect and repair any water leak issues on your property.
  • Burst pipes: Due to many factors, including age, impact, faulty installation and low quality fixtures; a water pipe can burst or rupture, resulting in acute damage to your property. Burst pipes have been known to affect flooring, walls and cabinets. If you believe that you have a burst pipe, immediately switch off your property’s main water supply, and call us now so that we can assess and repair the issue.
  • CCTV drain inspections Brisbane
  • Blocked toilet or sewage pipes: As long as your pipe system is operating in the way it’s intended to, you will have no issues. However, if it gets backed up or the toilet gets blocked, the situation can become messy. To make things pleasant again, call us right away so that we can send a friendly plumbing expert your way.
  • Other issues: Because this list isn’t exhaustive, there can be other reasons why you need an emergency plumber in cedar creek. If you have any other problems that needs fixing urgently, get in touch with our team of emergency plumbers cedar creek now on 0438 454 540.

Emergency hot water repairs in cedar creek

It is important to regularly service your hot water unit to ensure that everything is running up to the highest standard and any costly repairs are avoided down the track. To avoid pipe leaks, hot water tank leaks and other heater problems, get in touch with us today for our hot water unit service in cedar creek.


If you have an urgent issue and need an emergency plumber cedar creek that delivers, look no further. Call our cedar creek team of emergency plumbing experts now on 0438 454 540.

Blocked Drain Brisbane

BLOCKED DRAINS cedar creek

BLOCKED DRAIN PLUMBER cedar creek Do you have a blocked drain in cedar creek? Whether it’s a blocked sink, toilet, shower or stormwater drain, we can fix it. At Do Some Plumbing, we have the expertise and equipment to clean your drains and get them running again. Our team of fully licensed plumbers offer fast, reliable and affordable blocked drains cedar creek services.

Residential plumbing cedar creek

Residential plumber cedar creek Reliable domestic/residential plumbing services for homes across cedar creek. We understand what it’s like to have tradesmen come to your house for installation, repairs and maintenance; and so our team is made up of professionals who understand your needs, have the skills, tools and knowledge to meet them, and are able to provide you with some of the best services in the industry. Do Some Plumbing is your local Logan plumbing contractor specialising in domestic, commercial, industrial and rural installations and maintenance.


We are an experienced and reliable commercial plumbing company cedar creekproviding commercial plumbing services in cedar creek. We have been in operation since 2020 and are recognized as one of the leading and most trusted industrial plumbing companies across cedar creek, Logan and the Gold Coast, our knowledgeable technician can work with you to find a solution to best suit your budget.


We provide tailored plumbing service to cedar creek businesses and deliver low response times in order to minimise interruptions to your operations. Because each individual commercial project is unique and different in its own way, we tailor our commercial plumbing and gasfitting solutions for different projects based on the specific requirements of the project. We take the time to fully understand what you need, so that our commercial plumbing services are a bullseye each and every time. Each phase of any commercial project requires careful and detailed planning, installation and maintenance; and we guarantee that the job will be done to perfection.

Our clients come to us from a wide range of different industries, including:

  • Schools
  • Retail stores
  • Shopping centres
  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Apartment developments
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Townhouse developments
Plumbers Brisbane

Need a CCTV Drain Inspection? cedar creek

One of the most common plumbing problems is a blocked drain. Every household and business is going to suffer from them at some point. For the most part though, they are fairly easy to deal with when you have the right household tools. Sadly though, there are a couple of blockages which cannot be dealt with via conventional methods, and you will need to call in an experienced plumbing team, such as ours, to help you deal with the problem.

Why Choose Do Some Plumbing cedar creek Unique Service?

Do Some Plumbing cedar creek are one of only a few companies to offer CCTV Drain inspections. This involves sliding a CCTV camera into your drainage system and finding out what the blockage is exactly, and more importantly, how deep down it is. The latest technology will ensure that what we see is relayed back to us in real time. This technology can be used in any type of pipe, whether the problem is within your guttering, your kitchen sink or even your bathtub. The length of the camera ensures that we are able to see down the pipe as far as possible with crystal clear clarity.

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Plumbers cedar creek

Plumbers cedar creek, Emergency Plumbers cedar creek, Plumber cedar creek, Residential Plumbing cedar creek

Do Some Plumbing is your local Logan plumbing contractor specialising in domestic, commercial, industrial and rural installations and maintenance. We provide quality workmanship, excellent communication and competitive pricing, our services include blocked drains, burst pipes, hot water services and many other plumbing services. Servicing Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast, our knowledgeable technician can work with you to find a solution to best suit your budget, needs and we will endeavour to answer any questions that you may have.



Adam installed a new hot water system for me. There were a few complications that were far beyond his control and Adam handled each situation with compassion, care and a level of professionalism that was exceptional. I was most impressed with his kindness and the way he also coordinated the electrical aspect of the job. Much gratitude and appreciation… hot water has never been so valued in our house!

Chele Yntema
2 months ago
hot water installation Brisbane

Amazing work by Adam!! I have had 2 kitchens done in the last 2 months and the work has been impeccable. Highly recommend!!

Amber William
a month ago
Leaking taps Brisbane

Adam is friendly, personable, punctual and skilled in a wide range of plumbing and other services. He has done big jobs and small for us at great rates.

Melissa Kiekens
6 months ago
Commercial plumbing Brisbane

Had the plumber unblock our drain and was professional and friendly and straight to the point. For the price given he did an amazing job and would definitely recommend to everyone

Chris Vaipo
2 months ago
Residential plumbing Brisbane

Adam has been honest, flexible and really easy to work with and is always happy to help. He is always there to save the day when our drains have been blocked and has helped install 2 new toilets for us. If you are looking for a great plumber, don't look any further - give Adam a call.

Olivier Ragoo
2 months ago
Plumbers Brisbane

Adam came out to quote the job of replacing guttering and repairing the sink and waste. I had the quote back within a few hours. I was very surprised at the professionalism and response that I booked Adam for his first available opening. He has now been and done all that was quoted for. I am happy to say that Adam and the DO SOME PLUMBING team will now be my go to plumbers. Work was done so professionally and looks amazing. Thank you so much for providing a great service.

Kerri Allsop
4 months ago
Residential plumber Brisbane

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